Account Receivables

Complete Collections and Account Receivables Solution for Salesforce
Easy Collection is a native, enterprise-scale Account Receivable and Collections Tracking application.

Project Finance Manager

Track Your Projects Financial Health for Salesforce Finance Manager is a project finance application providing: * Supervision for timesheets * Finance Management for projects * Analysis between actual and estimated funds * Detailed Information of Resource Utilization

Complete GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) solution

Finally, an answer to your data pain and GDPR headaches. Our AppExchange product will provide a simple solution to the GDPR problem and providing a more data secure future.

Free multi-purpose Salesforce-to-AWS connector

Our free AppExchange product offers the User the ability to connect to the iNf4mation gateway or to their very own, multi-region AWS platform at no cost (coming soon).

Salesforce - Blockchain connector Proof-of-Concept(POC) video

In this youTube video, we demonstrate our POC by taking a Salesforce record and binding it to the Blockchain. We provide evidence of the unique Salesforce record ID on Etherscan.io

Salesforce-to-Blockchain feature

"This appExchange product will provide our Salesforce-to-Blockchain feature".